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   Improve your English while having fun with the Hong Kong Young Artists Academy!  

Hong Kong Young Artists Academy (HKYAA) offers students a unique and memorable educational experience. Founded in 2005, HKYAA has served hundreds of schools in Hong Kong and China. Our mission is to ignite a joy of learning in all our students through immersive English exposure. We have received local and international praise for our innovative, creative and individualized approach.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced NET teachers are carefully selected for their ability to inspire, encourage and motivate young learners. Not only is it HKYAA's goal to improve students' English proficiency, our fun and interactive creative and artistic programs, inspired and led by our Resident Artists, have been crucially successful in strengthening students' self-belief, confidence and ability to apply creativity to problem-solving. It is our goal to instill confidence and self-belief in all our students to face the ever-changing challenges in our world. 

Hong Kong Young Artists Academy 2005 年在香港成立,致力于提供最好的英语环境给我们的学生。我們服务超过数百所在香港和内地的教育机构,包括幼儿园、小学、中学及幼兒及外语教育中心。凭着我們独特和创新的项目,孩子们在学习英语过程中享受当中的喜乐和趣味。我們的目标就是要不断提升他们的英语能力及增強他們的自信心,以面对这个世界不断变化的挑战。





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