Moving to Hong Kong
Essential Info for Hong Kong



Population: Over 7 million
Neighbouring Cities and Countries: (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau...Thailand, Philippines, Nepal)
Geography: Hong Kong is hilly and mountainous.
Political System: Democracy.
Major Religions: Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.
Main Languages: Cantonese and English
Currency: The Hong Kong dollar (HKD) USD Exchange Rate 7.7-7.8
Time: GMT+8
Electricity: 220 volts, 50 Hz. Three-pin rectangular blade plugs are most common.
International Dialing Code: +852
Emergency Contacts: 999 (For All)
Weather: 4 Seasons
(Winter, Spring, Summer And Autumn.)
Cultural Tips:

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Hong Kong is renowned for its cuisine and the city’s melting pot of cultures guarantees that expats will find dining options from every
part of the world. That said, every expat should take the opportunity to try at least some of the local specialties and sample everything from the Beijing noodles to Cantonese pigeon. It will take quite a while to go through all the Chinese cuisines available, let alone the international cuisines in town.
There are thousands of eateries packed into the region, with everything from molecular gastronomy (a fusion of chemistry and cooking) to Egyptian, French, Italian, American, Cantonese and Korean cuisine. Whether a vegan, a Muslim or a devout foodie, every kind of expat will be spoilt for choice, and every kind of budget can be accommodated.  Most Westerners prefer not to buy local produce, especially with stories of questionable farming practices and food additive scandals hitting the papers regularly. Expats buying imported goods can expect to pay double for many food and produce items (especially meat), with the result that grocery shopping costs will quickly add up.
There is no shortage of Western items on international supermarket shelves: Tim Tams and Vegemite for the Australian expats, graham crackers and ranch dressing for US expats and Tiptree jam and Marmite for the Brits. Not to mention the Japanese supermarkets, Thai food shops and Fillipino specialty stores stocking their own culinary assets from home.

Cost of Living:
Transport and Driving: Public transport  (MTR) (TAXI) (BUS) (FERRY) is cheap, clean and reliable. In contrast, owning and maintaining a car in Hong Kong is very expensive. Most people find that they don’t need one if they live centrally and the cost – and risk of bumping into erratic taxi drivers – is not worth it.

Accommodation: Housing in Hong Kong is notoriously expensive and, depending on their needs, expats can expect a high percentage of their salary to be spent on a small but perfectly formed apartment. The tiny, older Chinese-style apartments will always be more reasonably priced, but may not afford the space that Western expats often prefer.

Cost of Food in Hong Kong:

Income tax in Hong Kong is famously very low (between 2 and 17 percent's, depending on personal circumstances), and residents have a fairly generous annual tax-free allowance before the government takes anything.  
Tax is all done on a personal tax return basis, and not pay-as-you-earn. When starting work, it is advisable to start saving tax somewhere so it is ready and waiting when the tax return is filled in, and the bill from the Hong Kong Inland Revenue in its distinctive green envelope is received.


Requirements for NET Teachers in Hong Kong

Degree/ High School diploma holder from major English Speaker countries
TESOL/ TEFL certificate
performing arts background is an advantage
Salary depends on qualification and teaching experience
Work only in schools


NET Coordinator (1)

Degree holder
With more than 3 years’ experience
Retired teachers are welcome
Able to speak Fluent English


 Work visa application process (For overseas applicants only)

  • Successful applicant will be informed to prepare documents for work visa application (Both China work visa or Hong Kong work visa).
  • The process of work visa application will take 4-6 weeks (under the condition that all documents are correct and completed).
  • Applicant will be informed the proper date of arrival to Hong Kong when work visa approved.
  • NET will not allowed to work until the work visa is valid.
  • Teacher may require to apply Academic Accreditation and No Sexual Criminal Record Check upon arrival in Hong Kong  

           Interested party please send your CV with recent photo to

*Reminder: Work under tourist visa is illegal